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If you're looking to add more space to your home, and you don't have the external space to extend, a loft conversion could be a great solution as it makes better use of your existing space.

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How much does a loft conversion cost?

It will depend on a number of factors, from the size of your loft, to the number of windows, fixtures and fittings. On average, a minimum investment is around £20,000.

Do I need planning permission for a loft conversion?

Not all loft conversions need planning permission. In fact, most can be done under permitted development rights, which allow the improvement and extension of homes, under certain restrictions. Unless you live in a protected area, you probably won’t need planning permission if the total area of the additional space doesn’t exceed 50 cubic metres (40 cubic metres for terraced houses) and doesn’t extend higher than the current highest point of the roof. There are other conditions, though, which you can check on the government’s Planning Portal website.

Will a loft conversion add value to my home?

A recent Nationwide study found that a loft conversion which added an extra bedroom and en-suite bathroom would add an average of 21 per cent to the value of a property.

How long does a loft conversion take?

Again, this depends on a range of factors from the weather behaving itself to there being no hidden surprises when the work starts, however a dormer loft conversion with bathroom and 2 bedrooms takes between 6 to 8 weeks from start to finish.


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